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Reality transurfing. Steps I-V English Edition eBook.

Transurfing is a powerful tool for managing reality. Apply it and life will begin to change according to YOUR order. When you use Transurfing goals are not reached, so much as realised for the most part of themselves. It seems impossible to believe but only at first. The ideas presented in the book. Fundamentals of Transurfing: A Rewording of Ideas from Vadim Zeland’s Reality Transurfing Vol 1 You can Choose your Reality Reality presents itself in a numberless variety of appearances. Zeland's main goal is to present a set of techniques which he calls "Transurfing of Realities" for the attainment Little is known about Vadim Zeland. He states in his autobiography that he used to be a quantum mechanics physicist and later a computer technologist. DESCRIPTION: Transurfing is simple, yet powerful Reality Management Technique, developed by the Russian quantum physics researcher Vadim Zeland. Zeland's main goal is to present a set of techniques which he calls Transurfing of Realities for the attainment of practical goals. These techniques are of mental and metaphysical nature. Zeeland supports these techniques by presenting a model of. Numerous readers’ reviews, saying that it really works, and the author’s original take on the structure of reality prompted the publishers decide to publish Vadim Zeland’s manuscript. We had no doubt that “Transurfing” would be popular among a huge audience About the author Vadim Zeland: “I’m over forty.

Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Reality Transurfing 1: The Space of Variations at. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Macro Edizioni ha pubblicato l’ultimo libro di Vadim Zeland: “Transurfing in 78 giorni – Corso pratico di gestione della realtà” edito in Russia nel 2008 della saga sul Reality Transurfing, tradotto dal russo da Vera Giovanna Bani, curatrice e traduttrice di tutti i testi di Zeland nonché sua referente in []. D. Chi è Vadim Zeland? Quando mi viene chiesto dai lettori affascinati “Chi sei tu, Vadim Zeland?”, di solito rispondo “Io non sono nessuno di speciale”. La mia biografia la mia vita non può e non deve essere di alcun interesse, in quanto non sono stato io che ha creato il Transurfing, ho semplicemente fatto da canale di antica.

Reality transurfing. Steps I-V [Vadim Zeland, Joanna Dobson] on. FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Transurfing is a powerful tool for managing reality. Apply it and life will begin to change according to YOUR order. When you use Transurfing goals are not reached. Zeland dichiara di non essere un maestro spirituale, ma solo una persona fortunata che ha reso disponibile a tutti un approccio testato personalmente. “Ricevo molte testimonianze di lettori che affermano l’importanza del Transurfing e l’aiuto concreto che questa tecnica offre nel. Reality Transurfing VOLUME I THE SPACE OF VARIATIONS Vadim Zeland Translated by Natasha Micharina Books in the series Reality Transurfing 1: The Space of Variations Reality Transurfing 2: A Rustle of Morning Stars. Reality Transurfing 3: Forward to the Past Winchester, UK Washington, USA 8/463. FOREWORD Dear Reader! I have no doubt, that like most people, you want to lead a.

Transurfing of Reality in a nutshell – Chengeer Lee – Medium Transurfing of Reality in a nutshell 12 golden rules of Transurfing. How to shape your reality and make your wishes come true There is one book I read that completely shook my perception. Transurfing realnosti, 1. stopnja Vadim Zeland - Okoliščine vas imajo v oblasti. Življenje se vam preprosto dogaja. In tako bo, vse dokler ne boste spoznali, kako lahko z realnostjo upravljate sami! Transurfing der Realität. Vorwort. L iebe Leserin, lieber Leser! Wie alle Menschen, möchten auch Sie sicher in Glück und Wohlstand leben, möglichst ohne Stress, Krankheiten und Schicksalsschläge.

Ne cherchez pas d'informations sur Vadim Zeland, ce physicien russe à l'origine du Reality Transurfing protège jalousement sa vie privée, et ses sources sont pour le moins étonnantes un rêve d'abord, puis des paroles de sagesse qui lui parviennent en channeling. Buy Reality Transurfing 1: The Space of Variations: 1 Reality Transurfing by Vadim Zeland ISBN: 9781846941221 from Amazon's Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. IL VOICE COACH CIRO IMPARATO LEGGE REALITY TRANSURFING Ascolta in anteprima l’estratto audio Una voce d’eccezione per un libro che – uscito il 16 novembre scorso – gode già di grande popolarità sul web: Reality Transurfing – Lo Spazio delle Varianti, il primo volume della trilogia dello scrittore Vadim Zeland. Un testo che. Reality transurfing. Scardinare il sistema tecnologico. DVD. Con libro 1 gen. 2003 [78 Days Practical Transurfing: Based on the Work of Vadim Zeland] [By author Vadim Zeland] published on September, 2013 18 set. 2013 Reality Transurfing: The Rustling of the Morning Stars Level II 13 nov. 2008 Reality transurfing. Steps I-V by Vadim. Reality Transurfing by Vadim Zeland. 4.1K likes. Reality exists beyond you, as long as you believe this.

Reality Transurfing - Volumen I REALlTY TRANSURFING CÓMO DESLIZARSE A TRAVÉS DE LA REALIDAD El espacio de las variantes TOMO I Vadim Zeland 2. Reality Transurfing - Volumen I INDICE INTRODUCCIÓN CAPÍTULO I. MODELO DE LAS VARIANTES Susurro de las estrellas de madrugada Adivinanza del Celador Resumen CAPÍTULO II. PÉNDULOS Péndulos destructivos. "In this course, called “Transurfing Reality: Have the Life you Choose” based on Vadim Zeland’s book “Reality Transurfing: Steps I-V”, Sunny Sharma’s laser-clear perspective is fully evident. Sunny has the rare ability to take what appears to be complicated concepts in the world of Reality Transurfing and transform them so they.

Reality transurfing is an esoteric doctrine being published by Vadim Zeland since 2004. It suggests an idea of multivariant reality where events happen in an infinite number of spaces at the same time. The author describes this doctrine as a technique of moving from one "branch" of reality to another due to the concentration of energy of. Biography Vadim Zeland very vague. The writer lives in secret, communication with readers occurs exclusively through the official website of the publisher of his books. Sufficiently mysterious. Il Voice Coach Ciro Imparato legge Reality Transurfing. Ascolta in anteprima l'estratto audio. Una voce d'eccezione per un libro che gode già di grande popolarità sul web: Reality Transurfing - Lo Spazio delle Varianti, il primo volume della trilogia dello scrittore Vadim Zeland. Un testo che racchiude "una serie di pillole rosse che. Reality Transurfing shows how to integrate the Real-Creative-Dynamic parts of your life system, where each part can be positively influenced by the other, supporting your entire person to grow and evolve, with the possible outcome of a new personality being created that is.

This Wisdom was brought to our world Vadim Zeland, a Russian physicist in one of the lowest moments in his life, a channel of information opened up to him which allowed him to share with humanity this ancient knowledge. This wisdom is not new, it already exists, but Reality Transurfing presents the methods and techniques in a way our mind can actually understand and generate results. Because. This subreddit is a community to discuss the teachings of Vadim Zeland; a Russian quantum mechanics physicist. He explores the idea of 'reality transurfing' over five books, which in my opinion, can be summarized as a blueprint for maneuvering through reality and for living a more conscious and happier life. Everything about proper. Le centre francophone du bestseller Transurfing, de Vadim Zeland - approche quantique et développement personnel, ateliers et formations pour tous. Hörbuch Download Shop: Reality transurfing. Step V von Zeland Vadim als Download. Jetzt Hörbuch herunterladen & bequem der tolino app, dem tolino webreader oder auf Ihrem Computer anhören. Vadim Zeland is a contemporary Russian mystic and author of the book 'Reality Transurfing'. Zeland likes to keep his private life very private so little is known about the man. He claims he received his ancient knowledge by a mysterious person called The Ranger. Vadim Zeland realises not everyone is ready to accept his knowledge because.

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