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Fuel Consumption Meter is a form of positive displacement meter to degree the liquid flow or immediate float of the pipe tube. The Fuel Consumption Meter meter is ideally designed for accurate size of the diesel engine intake of any vehicle like vans, buses, construction equipment, agricultural machinery, riverboats or other diesel locomotives. Marine fuel flow meter accuracy matters. How much fuel is consumed on board a ship, is directly related to the performance. The better the performance, the lower the fuel consumption during operation. In this equation accuracy is not negligible. An offset of 1% in measurement on a vessel operating 200 days a year consuming an average of 100. Blue LCD Display Screen High Accuracy Aluminum Alloy Fuel Diesel Flow Meter 1/2" for High Viscosity Liquid Media Such as Diesel, Gasoline, Kerosene, Engine Oil and Other Lubricants.

In “Diagnostics” menu, a chart of instant fuel consumption is available, as well as fuel temperature in the chamber, self-diagnostics codes of flow meter, Journal of logged Events – “Power on/off”, switching to “Tampering” and “Interference” oepration modes. DFM Marine is configured with Service S6 DFM software available for.

24.08.2018 · DFM Marine is used in telematics systems GPS tracking systems and as an autonomous fuel monitoring solution. Big fuel flow meter DFM Marine is installed in fuel line of the engine / boiler.</plaintext> Measure your diesel fuel or oil consumption with our fuel flow meter. The FUEL-VIEW fuel flow meters offer a compact, lightweight and very cost-effective solution for measuring your diesel fuel or oil consumption and operating time of vehicles, boats, tractors, river vessels or any maritime mobile or fixed installations with diesel engines. 25.09.2013 · This video shows the installation in detail of a DFM FUEL-VIEW meter. See for more details about these fuel flow meters.</p> <p>Optio_Fuel_Single_Diesel. Optio_Fuel_Outboard. Show More. Each Optio Fuel Patent Pending. kit comes with the fuel flow sensor, hose barbs, mounting hardware and the mobile app is free. Optio Fuel Channel info. Optio Fuel Flow Sensor Videos and Information. Optio Fuel Play video. Optio Fuel Overview and Demo. Read more Optio Fuel wireless fuel flow sensor. This video explains how the. Especially for fuels, like diesel, heavy fuel oil and marine diesel, as well lube or cylinder oil, our products and solutions for flow measurement and consumption measurement are used very often by our customers. The KRAL flowmeters run with low friction and minimal pressure loss. Series 85000/86000 Fuel Flow Interface System metric A Series 85000/86000 Fuel Flow Interface System combines a digital LCD Engine Hour Meter, Tachometer, Fuel Flowmeter, and Fuel Totalizer in a single 3-3/8" diameter instrument which fits the panel space of a standard tachometer. This meter also provides a fuel flow rate output signal for. The FUEL-VIEW digital meter does not only monitor flow rate and fuel consumption. It also monitors engine operating times, volumes of diesel theft and other parameters. The fuel flow meter is a compact, light weight and very cost-effective solution for measuring diesel consumption. 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